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Phineas and Ferb Porno Story: Family Secrets Chapter Two

Phineas and Ferb Porno Story: Family Secrets Chapter Two

Ferb’s P.O.V.
As Phineas walks back to where he was standing with Isabella still laughing and gasping for breath, Perry walks over to her and rubs against her and chatters loudly. She picks him up while finally managing get herself under control. I look at Perry, a little surprised that he is showing so much affection for Isabella. Candace walks out of the house and stares at George, I guess she sees some resemblance to his sister. Isabella, still carrying Perry, walks over to George and they both stare at Candace. She looks back and forth between them as the rest of us wait patiently for her to figure it out. Finally Isabella, looking cross, says to Candace “this is my brother, George.” Candace’s face turns from disbelief to shock just as quickly as Phineas’s had. She takes one last look, shakes her head, and walks away. As soon as she is out of sight, everybody starts laughing except me. I am still wondering about why Perry is so attached to Isabella. I give a start as Vanessa nudges me, a look of surprise on her face. I look around and see her father walking towards us, a malevolent looking gun in his hands. I sit there waiting as he comes closer, Isabella is the next to notice him. Dr. D. looks at Isabella for a few seconds, appears to recognize her, and goes towards her. I look around, Isabella is still standing next to Phineas while holding Perry, who appears to be smiling but is watching Doofenshmirts closely. Vanessa is still beside me, shaking her head at him. I look for George, but he is nowhere to be seen. I remember something he told me the day we moved in. “Don’t look for a hidden person,look for edges that are out of place, as well as movement. They are easier to see in the darkness” I notice a movement in the shadows to my left and moving quickly, and recognize the silver snake head in his hand. He looks around, then disappears up a tree. Vanessa’s father comes to a stop a few feet from the tree George just climbed. I nudge Vanessa as Dr. D. points his gun at Isabella, I speak just loudly enough for him to hear. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He looks over at me and sees his daughter, as he comes our way I see the champagne bottle in the pocket of his lab coat as well as a distinctive stagger. Now he is directly under the tree,I notice a branch twitch, when he notices Perry in Isabellas hands. “Perry the Platypus” he says loudly, I smell the alcohol across the yard. He points his weapon at Perry and starts to pull the trigger. “Don’t!” I cry, but it is too late. George’s cane drops, surprising him, his shot goes wide and sets a tree on fire. Vanessa, recognizing the cane, tries to coax her father away from the tree. Isabella says something to Phineas and he, still not thinking straight from his run in with Buford, walks over to me and starts dragging me away. I start to fight then see the look in Isabella’s eyes, I shake him off, pinch the muscles in his neck, watch him drop, and stay where I am. To be truthful, she scares me. After what she did to my cousin, and earlier between her and Buford. I didn’t want to get on her bad side, but I had to make sure nothing serious happened. Vanessa looks worried as she watches the tree where George is. Her father takes better aim at Perry and Isabella, tightens his finger on the trigger, and gets knocked unconsious by the fact that George falls out of the tree and lands on his head, there is the sickening crunch of skull hitting skull. Then George stands up, picks up his cane, turns, and runs into the tree. He falls backwards and starts laughing, Isabella goes over to George as Vanessa goes to her father. Isabella sets Perry down while she checks George’s skull for dents, Vanessa does the same for Dr. Doofenshmirts. They decide there is nothing wrong and start talking, There is still worry on their faces until Dr. D opens his eyes, sees Perry, looses ear-splitting shriek, and runs off. George is still laying there laughing. Everbody starts laughing with him. Phineas, awake after I knocked him unconsious , starts acting normal again, he walks over and puts his arm around Isabella. I notice that Perry is now shaking where he stands and glaring at Phineas. I walk over to pick him up and see what’s wrong, but he shoves his spurs into my hand and heads towards Isabella.I start inspecting the wound, which is leaking a clear fluid, and remember that Perry’s species is posionous. But I have already done some research on the venom and know that it just makes the wound hurt, which explains why it feels like somebody is sticking knives into my hand. As I clean out the wound, I wonder once again why Perry is so attached to Isabella when me and Phineas have known him since he hatched.

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Phineas and Ferb: The Love Story – Chapter 4

Phineas and Ferb: The Love Story – Chapter 4


-Back with Agent P-

Come on Perry the
Playtapus! Lets put this fighting thingy on hold! I need to call
my girlfriend. Want some coffee?

Perry said yes with his
head. OK Ill be right back

When Heinz came back
Perry was looking Dr Doofenshmirtz Spanish magazines.

Sowhat to play
some board games? I have to wait to call

-It was 7:00pm. Phineas
was still with Isabella on her house-

Soyou wanna be
my- Phineas said but couldnt finish

Yes! Isabella
yelled. I meanehemYes!

Phineas smiled. I
never tough it would be that easy

-With Candace-

Jeremie walked Candace
home. Sorry about the incident at Applebees. You might as well say
that it was the worst date ever

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