Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: The Chaotic Christmas Chapter 4

Phineas and Ferb Pornography Story: The Chaotic Christmas Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Agent P parked his hover-car on top of Charlene and Vanessas house, and then quietly inched toward an open window. He slowly turned his head to the left so he could peek inside the house. Perry saw Vanessa sitting on her bed listening to her iPod. Lucky for him, he didnt have to travel all over the house to look for her.

Agent P jumped through the window, but stumbled as he hit the ground, landing flat on his face. Vanessa noticed the sudden noise, turned around, and of course, saw Perry.

You! she yelled. Youre that that that platypus my dad fights! What are you?

Before she could finish, Perry had his hand over Vanessas mouth to stop her from attracting too much attention.

Vanessa? he heard Charlene say from downstairs. What was that noise? And why are you yelling?

Mom, come quick! Its that secret agent platypus that I told you about! Vanessa yelled as she pushed Perrys hand away from her face.

Vanessa, what are you talking about? Perry heard Charlene say as she walked up the stairs. He had to act fast. Agent P rapidly jumped out the window as he crawled back up on the roof.

Hey, dont go! Vanessa yelled as Perry made his exit.

So, Charlene said sarcastically as she opened the door and saw Vanessa leaning out the window, where is this secret agent platypus of yours?

No, no! He, he was right there! Vanessa yelled as she pointed to the spot where Perry had landed through the window.

Uh, no Charlene said, over-pronouncing each word, this is a sock. Not a platypus, a sock.

Charlene stared at her daughter with a concerned expression on her face, holding up the sock to Vanessa for her to see that it was, indeed, not a platypus.

Ya know what Vanessa said as she walked back to the window, leaning out of it again looking up into the sky, GO AHEAD! MAKE EVERYONE THINK IM CRAZY! Im sure thats what you secret agents do for fun anyway

Vanessa hopped back up on her bed and resumed listening to her iPod.

Okay. Seeing that all I have found is a secret agent sock, I suppose Ill be heading back downstairs.

As soon as Perry was sure that Charlene was completely out of hearing range, he sprang back through the window. Vanessa once again looked back up from her iPod and saw Perry in her room.

What is it now? Is your specialty making me look stupid? Vanessa asked as she took off her ear buds.

Perry pulled out the same tape recorder that he had used to show Dr. Wexler his plan and handed it to Vanessa. She examined the tape and then hit the play button.

Okay, Vanessa said when the recording was finished, so my dads lonely. Why should it concern me?

Perry smiled, closed his eyes, and shook his head as he began chuckling at her.

I know hes my dad, but I seriously dont care. I love him and everything, but Ive got my own problems.

Perry gave Vanessa the same reaction as before.

You heard my answer. Its a no.

Agent P looked at her with big puppy dog eyes, adding in a little chirp for an extra cute effect.

Ugh, Vanessa groaned. My answer is still no. N-O, no.

Perry continued to try to convince Vanessa to see her father on Christmas, even if convincing is actually continuing to make cute faces. But after a few minutes of doing that, Agent P had a gut feeling that Vanessa was not going to change her mind. He decided to give up.

Perry flew away from their house and back to Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, just to see how everything was going with his nemesis. He didnt want to intrude, especially with it being so late, so he tried his luck by looking through a few windows, hoping to see Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Perry did get lucky though, but when he saw his nemesis, nothing interesting was really happening. Dr. D was just sitting on his bed, attempting to watch a little TV before catching some zs.

Knowing everything seemed well there, Agent P headed home. But when he entered Head Quarters, someone unexpected came up on the screen.

Hey, you! Platypus thing, come here.

Perry turned around, seeing that Vanessa was the one talking to him.

Yeah, look, Ive decided that Ill go see my dad tomorrow. Youre right, hes my dad, and I should do something nice for him. Besides, who wants to be alone on Christmas, right?

Perry smiled. His plan was finally coming together, and he was eager to see the look on Dr. Doofenshmirtzs face the next day when he would be surrounded by his friends and family.

By the way, Vanessa interrupted his train of thought, I could, um, try to convince my mom to go too, if you want.

Perry thought about that. It doesnt seem like they would want to see each other. So would Charlene going be doing him a favor, or causing him even more stress.

Hey, uh, platypus, Vanessa said, interrupting Perrys thoughts again. I snuck out from my bedroom, so I dont want my mom to notice Im gone. Can you make this quick?

Perry quickly ran his thoughts through his head one more time. Oh, what the heck, it will be Christmas! Youre not allowed to be mad at people.

Perry nodded his head yes.

Alright, Vanessa answered, Ill do my best.

Perry turned around to go home.

Oh, and uh, platypus, Vanessa said. Perry turned around to look at her. Thanks.

Forty five minutes later

Vanessa was careful not to make any noise as she leisurely opened the front door to her home. She tip-toed inside as she gradually made her way to her moms room. Vanessa knocked in the door. Can I come in? she asked.

Come on in, V, Charlene answered.

Vanessa walked in and sat on the edge of her moms bed.

Boy, youre up late, her mom said as she turned off the television program she was previously watching.

Yeah, Vanessa answered quietly. Charlene noticed that there was no sarcastic tone to her daughters answer.

You okay? she asked.

Uh huh, Im just deep in thought.

Really? What are you thinking about? Charlene asked.

Well, Vanessa began, do you think maybe we could visit Dad tomorrow?

Oh, you do want to visit your father? Charlene asked as she blushed, reflecting about how she had ranted on Doofenshmirtz earlier.

Yeah, I do. No one wants to be alone, right? Vanessa asked.

Charlene remained deep in thought for a few minutes before she finally answered Vanessa. You know what, Vanessa, youre right. We should go visit your dad tomorrow. But, uh, just dont mention the things I said earlier.

My lips are sealed.

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